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Michigan Department of Health and Human Services released the second iteration of the Infant Mortality Reduction Plan in February 2016. In the revised plan, there are 9 key goals (pg. 20-25) that Michigan is working on to help reduce infant mortality. For your information please click on the link below to see the full plan. On page 38, you will read how you can participate through:

  1. Statewide Learning Collaborative Projects (LCP) provide a forum for groups whose efforts are directed toward the goal of reducing premature birth and low birth weight to refine their continuous quality improvement skills. Participants should be familiar with the “plan, do, study, act” cycle of quality improvement and have experience with implementing and sustaining this model over time.

  2. Statewide Communities of Practice (COP) conference calls/webinars are open to interested individuals or groups and will engage participants in peer-to-peer collective learning conversations focused on the nine goals outlined in the 2016-1019 Plan. These will also provide a forum for disseminating best practices to improve birth outcomes. Dial In: 1-888-850-4523 Access Code: 170018 Presentation:

If you would like to view previously recorded Community of Practice webinars, please visit:,5312,7-306-64191-296542--,00.html

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